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Jacob Jensen Chronograph 605




»Most chronographs made throughout history are more or less variations on the same theme: The more numbers, divisions and details, the better! But one should not forget that a watch is both for daily use and a piece of jewelry. Therefore, we decided to make another type of chronograph. A watch that is simple and beautiful, regardless of time and place, but which at the same time meets most requirements for chronographs. I think the result speaks for itself ”- Timothy Jacob Jensen, CEO of Jacob Jensen

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Jacob Jensen Classic 522




In 1985, Timothy Jacob Jensen designed two watches in collaboration with the Danish producer Max René. The watches were made of titanium with a soft silicone treatment on the strap and a glass made of mineral convex crystal. The silver and black dial created a connection with the daily cycle of night & day and light & dark.

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Jacob Jensen Dimension 855




At the Dimension series, everything superfluously has been removed and what’s left is the clean lines, material and functionality, supported by sublime technical quality. As its predecessor, the case is made of solid stainless steel, the glass is sapphire crystal and thus very resistant to scratches and the watch strap is in genuine leather.

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